Cat Heap v0.0.7 released

Yesterday I released Cat Heap 0.0.7 for web, and submitted it to BlackBerry App World for a reviews! You can play it now on

+ jobs are now on the JOBS screen
+ buying cat traps, books, etc are now in the SHOP screen
+ added Options screen with a possibility to turn off anonymous statistics
+ BlackBerry Swipe Down gesture opens menu
+ added more stats (book read/unread, currently reading, some random)
+ added some more items to buy (some of them will be useful only in future versions)
+ added a way to get a better job (if you’ve worked 40+ hours)
+ you can also work overtime
+ looking for strays gets more effective if you’ve read 1-4 books about cats
+ added a mini-story to investigate where cookies come from
+ added a mini-story about expensive equipment in the shop
+ you can buy some books separate, if you haven’t read them yet
+ you can buy fishing rod and go fishing
+ you can feed salmon to cats (if you have more than 300 cats)

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