Cat Heap 0.0.6 is now released (for web)

BlackBerry version will come out in a few weeks, once I add more features.
Android version is planned for some time in February.

Play now on

New things:
– menu button now treats you with a bit more respect
– jobs are now on the JOBS screen
– buying cat traps, books, etc are now in the SHOP screen
– added Options screen with a possibility to turn off anonymous statistics
– added new icons – still kinda ugly, but they’re there in their place.
– lots of screens are empty! I’ll be working on putting things in them soon.
– when you add “#square” to the end of the URL, the format of the game will be square in the browser, too.
– optimized things
– fixed things

Coming up next: achievements and leaderboards! With more story, more possibilities, more books to read too.

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